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PROJECT SPARTA is a unique Gold Coast Health Club with a cutting edge altitude training room that caters for all levels of fitness. With our fantastic facilities and comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing our motivated trainers will help you achieve the results you want!


We are offering a free 7 day trial for interested members. Come in and meet our awesome team to find out more. Email or call (07) 5508 2983.


Altitude Training

High altitude, low oxygen environment training has been used for many years by athletes across many sports to improve performance.

Training in these environments can give you a great workout with much less stress on your body, or enhance the effectiveness of any workout you do and make your exercise more time efficient. Clients with limited exercise tolerance (e.g. can only walk) get more value from altitude training. The lower oxygen concentration in an altitude environment causes the body to be more efficient at using fuel and oxygen, and triggers a variety of physiological responses and changes in your body at a number of levels that improve metabolic efficiency.

Hypoxic training enhances and accelerates the positive outcomes of exercise on:

  • Fat loss, reduced appetite
  • Diabetes and blood sugar management
  • Osteoporosis and bone density
  • Energy levels
  • Anaerobic fitness and lactic acid tolerance
  • Anaemia, due to increased EPO, red blood cells and haemoglobin
  • Testosterone and growth hormone
  • Hypertrophy (lean body mass) and strength training outcomes
  • Cardiac surgery rehabilitation
  • Insomnia, serotonin and endorphins

Other potential benefits include:

  • Improved dexterity, co-ordination and cognitive decision making under stress and when fatigued.
  • Excites neural plasticity and facilitates positive re-wiring of the brain and central nervous system.
  • Enhanced collagen production, with improvements in wound healing, beauty treatment outcomes and skin elasticity.

Altitude training technology is currently used extensively by:

  • The Australian Institute of Sport and many other world class institutes of sports.
  • Professional sports teams and individuals seeking to improve co-ordination and performance under stress.
  • Leading edge executives to enhance their performance, decision making, negotiating and cognitive abilities in stressful and demanding situations.
  • Hospitals and beauty clinics to optimise the outcome for their patients and clients.


Group Training

We have a variety of group training classes to suit all levels of fitness. Whether it’s weight loss, increased muscle tone or general health and wellbeing we have a group class to suit you! Choose from one of the following group training. Please note we are in the process of creating more group classes, the following are available now:


A 45min cardio blast incorporating high altitude designed to burn fat and increase your energy levels! Designed for all fitness levels


A 45min strength based class to tone up and get strong, physically and mentally! Designed for all fitness levels



Monday: 6:00am and 18:00pm

Tuesday: 18:00pm

Wednesday: 6:00am

Thursday: 18:00pm

Friday: 6:00am

Saturday: 8:00am and 16:30pm

Please contact us to book your place! 5508 2983


Project Sparta

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Project Sparta

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Project Sparta

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Project Sparta

10% of profits go to our charity partner PROJECT FUTURES 



Phone: (07) 5508 2983

Project Sparta is truly a gym with a difference. It gives us a chance to do something about a global issue while training for our own health and wellbeing. I’m proud to be an ambassador!


Former Brisbane Bronco and
Project Sparta Foundation Member

Contact us to find out more about our unique training facility!  

 (07) 5508 2983

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